Where can I find the owners of stocks and shares?

Other answer:

In Yahoo, you can find that info in Yahoo Finance. IT will list the shares of each member of the company you are interested in. But they will list the Majority holders, not all of them.
You can find the owner of the perticular stock by their website or stock news wsite
You do not need the list of all owners, Why you buy a stock you become an owner as well. What you need is the list of the major stock holders.

Look for your stock on yahoo finance. When you find it go to the "Holders" tab – you will see there the list of the major institutional holders as well as major mutual funds holders.

A nobody:
As you were told, neither you nor anyone else in the general public get this information – it is not public.

The names of beneficals are not known by any one individual or any one organization.

Love big words:
Typically only major holders are known.
You can't it is not public knowledge
You can't.
They are many. It is not the name of a company.

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