Where can I get a loan of $23,000 with no real credit?

I'm 19 with no credit really and I want a loan for a car. Where can I go to get a $23,000 loan

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Don't be an idiot. You're trying to buy more car than you can afford. You want to have a car loan the rest of your life? But a used car for $5000 and then start saving your money for the car you really want. No bank in the world would lend you $23,000 unless you've been working at the same place for over a year AND making at least $40,000 a year.
No one, but no one, is going to loan $23,000 to a 19 year old with no credit, apart from the Bank of Mum & Dad.
as long as you are employed and have adequate income, the car dealer will usually finance for you at an exorbitant rate. You need to downscale and get a used car for much less money to start out; getting a loan for that and successfully paying it off will help establish credit
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If you have a decent job, just walk into your bank and ask them. They will likely have far better terms than the financing from the dealer. If your bank says no, they you don't get a loan. "Buy Here, Pay Here" used car dealerships shouldn't be used in my opinion, you'll pay some big rates.

Try a couple of banks or credit unions in your area. You might need a co-signer.
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You'll need a cosigner with good credit
most places that sell cars can arrange for a loan