Where can I get my taxes done that will not cost and arm and a leg?

I filed my taxes already but realized I made some mistakes and want to have them amended and do them correctly. Where you can you have them done that will not cost an outrageous amount? I have heard of H & R block costing people $300 and up.

I am located in Minnesota

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you can't file another return, you file an amendment, 1040X and altho you can use a tax program to help you this has to be filed manually
in your case line up what you originally submitted, on the side of that incidate what has to be changed and follow the 1040X line by line, this should not be that hard and certainly won't cost you $300
Max Hoopla:
Drop by my office. I'll only charge an arm. Alternatively I will accept a leg below the knee
Libraries got books on how to file taxes
IRS GOV website has free education answers and filing.
Use tax software.
The cost depends on how complicated your tax situation is. Go to H&R Block and as about cost. It's better to pay a little more and get accurate results than go with a untrained bargain preparer who will make costly mistakes.
Go ask them , I have a very complicated tax return and I only paid $250