Where can i get pet insurance which allows me to use the insurance immediately as dog is unwell?

Other answer:

You can't. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how insurance works.

The insureds pool their money together through the insurance company as premiums. If one of the insureds gets sick, the insurance company gives them money from the pool.

If people only got into the pool when there was a problem, there would be nothing in the pool. Pre-existing conditions like your dog has are a problem for humans and deserve special consideration – pets with existing conditions will not get insured for that condition.

Nowhere. Insurance cannot be used for any problem that already exists when you first get the insurance. Insurance can be used only for problems that first begin after you get the insurance. This applies to pets, cars, homes, and all other types of property. The only exception is health insurance for humans.
Insurance Pickle.com:
As soon as you find someone willing to give you $1000 for your $100. Insurance doesn't work like that. If you could buy it when you needed it, then where would the money come from and how would they stay in business?
most veterinarian's offices have pet insurance available(they may only have the source available that you will get on your own
but it would be a rare occasion that you could get insurance on a pet that already has a health problem, Obamacare did not cover pets
You can't get insurance for a pre-existing condition.

However, you may be approved for Care Credit. Ask your veterinarian about it, or, apply online at http://www.carecredit.com

Casey Y:
Doesn't exist…period. What you want isn't insurance, you want someone to pay a bill you know will be due. That's like asking where you can buy homeowners insurance while your house is on fire.
There is no cover for the first 14 says or so.
See if your local vet will allow a payment plan.
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Ask your veterinarian.

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