Where can I keep valuables like money, gold and jewelry without getting robbed?

I don't have a home right now and don't feel safe carrying them in my car. Where can I keep them so I don't get robbed?

Don't say bank because I can't open a bank account and it's illegal to store cash in safe deposit boxes there. Heard they raid boxes and confiscate them.

Other answer:

I hope you're taking the steps needed to find a place to live other than your car; that's the most important thing. Otherwise, do you have a friend that can hang on to the valuables for you? If not, and you can't change your living situation right away, then I would consider selling the valuables so at least you have some money to get a place to live. Also, it would be worth getting rid of them just so you don't have to constantly worry about losing them. Your last option would be a out-of-town place, carefully sealed, and hidden under a rock or something, that only you could find. Good luck.
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Safe deposit boxes cannot be opened with one key but you have to be a customer to get one. If you have valuables you should sell them and get a place to live. Maybe there are private safe deposit boxes not in a bank.

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