Where can i learn how to become rich person? How to make money?

There are many methods of earning much money and many business ideas are available. But where can i know this?
Some books are available but those books teach very common methods that many people are already doing.

Other answer:

Many people make a lot of money by starting a successful business. It is difficult to become rich with a regular job unless you are highly qualified in something.
Beware of those books that claim a get rich scheme. If those authors really had a proper get rich scheme, they'd be rich instead of struggling authors.
Well if you're looking for ideas, it's going to be from methods that people are already doing. You have to put the effort into it. Come up with your own ideas.
ken truong:
I want to know too….. who doesn't?

There are books you can read, but in the end you have to use your own creativity to make something:
more useful
more convenience
noone has done it before

Most common way is to have Daddy give you a couple of million…..

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