Where can i sell stuff online for free without a charge for selling it online?

Hi, I make handmade crafts and I wanted to know if there was any websites that would let me sell them without a charge. Not Ebay or Craig's list because I hear those charge and also the items get lost sometimes. HELP?!?!

Best Answer:

keli: How would selling on eBay or Craig's List — have anything whatsoever to do with the item getting lost?

An eBay package goes directly from the seller to the buyer via USPS, UPS, FedEx etc.
No mater how you sell something — you'll be shipping it the same way.

eBay is really the best place to sell stuff.
There's nothing free out there.

I hear that Etsy is a better site for selling crafts — You might check 'em out to see how much they charge

Other answer:

Craig's List
trade me possibly
tips——- > https://tr.im/new1link

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