Where is the best places to advertise for this?

I want to start teaching group guitar lessons to children between the ages of 9-12.
Where is the best places to advertise to get these students?
I tried the Elementary schools and they said they could not pass out my flyer unless it was for non profit.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Other answer:

If you only start to play the guitar then you require the best classes on the market to learn to play this hard tool and the most effective is Jamorama website, here https://tr.im/ypRQw .
If you are going to learn the guitar for the very first time (Or maybe you tried before and only couldn't have the "hold" of it), then Jamorama is the best course for you since every lesson includes a video to accompany the concepts, and once you have removed by way of a week of classes, you can download and print a fitness page connected with these lessons.
The video lessons demonstrate just how to play notes – the fundamentals of playing guitar. You'll figure out how to perform key, small, 7th, and bare chords. If you don't know what some of meaning, don't allow it scare you. It's all discussed in detail in the videos.
The best thing about this really is once you obtain these essentials down, the names and the technicality just float to the background and that you do not genuinely have to think about it a great deal more – you are able to just play!
Use all social media, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and especially Youtube. Work on making some guitar lesson clips to draw attention, Pretty much sell your self to your audience. Craig's List Musicians section is also a great way to start. Ask your local guitar shop if you can drop by and leave some flyers.

In order to teach at an elementary school you would have to most likely have some sort of music degree and go through all the process at the school district first.

on the web guitar instructions with plenty of material designed for guitarists of various ability levels. It is a good choice for newbies, and new guitar pupils will undoubtedly be handled to an intensive and rewarding understanding experience.
I suggest to use different social media sites, create video and share it in different video submission site and create PPT and do submission in number of sites such as slide share.

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