Where to go when you have insurance but no money up front?

I hate going to the doctor they never have any answers but plenty of bills for you to pay. For the last five days I've been nauseous and my stool has been black which apparently means something is bleeding. Does any one have any experience with this? I have insurance but no money up front for a copay. Thanks.

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Brittney Malone:
Under NO circumstances go to an ER, since forget the copay, but what a ER charges vs a family doctor.

The co-pay is usually $20 to see the doctor. But the problem is and the bills you get is the labs/blood tests that the doctor runs. Those are the bills you are talking about, and do NOT fall under the co-pay, but most likely a deductible that you have to pay.

What you do is this and this if from my own personal experience. Go to your family doctor, and while there explain to the doctor that any bills you get, most likely your insurance won't pay due and you will be on the hook, so that the doctor may not run tests (not needed) to cut your losses.

The problem is that so many times doctors will have you do many tests to "protect" them from malpractice, but when you explain you have to pay, many will do what is "only" needed. Most doctors have no clue how much something costs, or with some patients have great insurance, so they don't care, since those patients not presented with the bills.

Try a "free clinic" in your area. Google some searches. You might want to post your state for more help. And, other poster is right. Going to an ER is VERY expensive. See a regular doctor.
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Casey Y:
You go to the bank of family and friends.

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