Which Bachelor's is more marketable for job searches?

Business Law, Real Estate, Marketing, or Urban Studies?
I'm volunteering as a paralegal and hoping to earn my AA in Paralegal Studies before I attend a University

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The Watcher:
Please don't waste another second investing in Paralegal Studies. This is not a good vocational field to invest any time/money into. We already have an absolute GLUT of Legal Professionals. There simply are not enough jobs to go around. You will get done with your studies and will be unable to locate work.

Don't listen to the law schools. They will lie to you. They are after only one thing: to get your name on the dotted line of a contract.

We also already have way too many law schools – which graduate more and more Legal Professionals every year, which just contributes to the problem.

Research, research, research. Do a google search on this subject. Start here: "student sues law schools". You can also do a search here on Yahoo Answers regarding this subject.

If you want to invest your time/money into a good vocational field that will have future employment opportunities, look into the field of >>> Healthcare.

Good luck to you.

U don't know what where how to use libraries in ur country?
B4 wasting your time effort money for nothing in college TRY spending some months years learning reading about how to figure out what you want to b when grown-up.
Visit BLS GOV OOH for actual info on careers jobs actually in demand paying good money instead of myths hypes lies scams about college degrees.

Visit local pay scale sites for Demand PAY locally as it varies greatly..
Many good paying jobs available from community colleges in under two years easily.
TRY reading those website.

Marketing, Business Las,, Real Estate… in that order.
There are websites you can refer to for jobs and salaries, like PayScale.com.

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