Which life insurance plans cover murder?

I want to buy a life insurance plan for myself that covers being murdered because I have a very unstable family situation. Do you know of any? How much do they charge?

Other answer:

The only death that is not covered is suicide in the first 2 years. If your beneficiary murders you they money would go to the next person in line.
Beverly S:
Depends on your age & health. All life insurance covers if you die for any reason other than suicide. I wouldn't mention murder though.
All "life insurance" plans cover murder. However, they cannot pay a person who is convicted of the murder. If the person who would have gotten the money is the person who murders you, then they may have to pay someone else instead.
Instead of worrying about life insurance, you should be taking steps to change your "family situation."
Casey Y:
All life insurance covers murder, but no life insurance pays benefits to a murderer if they happen to be the beneficiary.
Insurance Pickle.com:
Murder IS a form of dying, so life insurance covers that in many scenarios. But, in no circumstance would it pay the murderer.

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