Which off-page factor is help to enhance website keywords ranking fast in SEO?

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Allwin: A lot of factors go into ranking fast. One of the biggest determinations right now is age of website. New web sites are not getting ranked fast in google right now. If your site is aged and has no penalties then ranking is faster and easier. If it is a heavily searched keyword and competition is stiff then it will take a while no matter what anyone says. But if it is a local term and not much competition then the proper url structure, page title and relevant on page content combined with quality back linking with proper anchor text you should be ranked rather quickly.

But proper quality back linking always does the trick.

Other answer:

The simplest answer to your question is you need to earn quality backlinks from relevant websites. Without other relevant sites linking to you as a resource, your website will never reach #1. I would recommend hiring an SEO expert or company to do this for you though as it's not an easy task and should be handled with care. Let me know if you want help and I'll recommend someone for you.
The best off-page factor which helps to enhance website keywords ranking is QnA in yahoo and Quora, niche wise forum posting, Social Bookmarking and Web 2.o.
Naveen Dagar:
thr has lots of factor to ranking fast but age factor is most. Because google,yahoo,bing loves old things. if your website is too new so you should create backlinks for your website
How to create backlinks
lots of method are available on my website for creating backlinks
Q&A, forum posting, blog commenting and social bookmarking are the best techniques to get higher keyword ranking

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