Who can teach me or have someone show in person, hands on a legitimate home online business that is very lucrative.?

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Paul Vandergriff:
I work from home. It is not all it is cracked up to be. Yes, I can wear 'super hero' PJ's if I want to..(and sometimes I DO want to) but….neighbors come over and ring the ball and ask if I will accept their packages. Or babysit because little Drellie is sick today and they have to work. My retired neighbor runs the lawnmower, hedge trimmer or some mechanical nuisance every day…or he comes by my house to 'chat' because he knows how 'lonely' I get at home. The kids are home by 3:30 so I can't work until my wife gets home at 6…or 7….

I'm a marketing consultant and I bring in about $73K annual. I have a degree in communications and I worked for 12 years in an office before deciding I could do as well on my own.

I have to pay an accountant because the 'self employed' tax papers are an extra stack of confusing.

There are legitimate on line jobs you can work from home, just as there are jobs raising bunny rabbits and there are jobs making beer.

Not everyone likes doing those things or can ACTUALLY do them either, but they exist.

My point is that you haven't told us your skills. I could suggest that you do coding or graphics through the Fiverr portal, but if you are great at retail and suck at coding then I'm not helping you…I'm only causing frustration and anger.

So, now you know about fiverr. Have you ever heard of the book ' Working from Home using your Computer and your Brain? If you haven't read it, see if you can borrow it from the library.

Also remember that if a company asks you to pay a fee to them in order to 'make money' it is probably a scam because the way working 'works' is that employers pay you for doing tasks, you do not pay them for the privilege of doing tasks for them.

….and surveys suck.

the only way I can see to make a lot of money operating a business from home is selling insurance, possibly being a CPA, maybe a lawyer, even these occupations may possibly need to be able to see clients in your home
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there is no such thing or we would all be doing it

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