Who gives business loans ?

Without collarate meaning I won't have to put my house on it.
My partner and I r thinking of needing 6 million to buy this great business. I know SBA can help you get an insecure loan but who else can help?

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No one is going to loan you $6 million dollars without collateral. You would have to get angel investors or do a significant amount of selling the idea for that size of a loan.
Loans amounts depend on collateral, capacity to repay, and the amount of owners equity in the business.
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people who are in the capital investment business are looking for good prospects they can put their clients into
your business plan would have to really be a good one with definite prospects of success, my Pastor's son does just that world wide
Take your business plan, individual assets, liabilities, credit history, down to your local bank and specify you have no collateral and get a professional verdict.
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