Who is better? Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Why?

Other answer:

Bill Gates
better at what there are so many things apart from money Bill Gates couldn't hold a candle to Einstein it's a bit skewed today value that is Edward Jenner probably saved billions of lives over the years with his defeat of small pox now he is what i call better but he wasn't rich could have been in reality with today I feel I respect him more because he didn't cash in it was for us not him
Bill Gates has given us the best OS in the world that suits the IBM clones. Jobs produced Apple computers which are expensive luxuries.
Donald B:
Bill Gates is in much better health.
Both are very good in creativity. But Steve Job , though innovative but was struggling for livelihood. He was removed from the CEO post but again he was invited . He was customer friendly and established his name.I like Steves Jobs

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