Why are Americans rooting for BIG BUSINESS when BIG BUSINESS intend to inevitably go totally automated, and REDUCE human labor?

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JustSaying America: Ignorance is bliss. Most people have no idea because they are either too busy and or have tunnel vision.
The stock market needs companies to have a healthy bottom line. This means a lot of times to trim the workforce. Technology is moving so fast that job replacement is going to get really mean
I agree with you. There is going to be a huge drop in low skill jobs like cashiers and most people do not even have a clue it's started already. McDonald's has put in kiosks and have reduced their workforce.
Self driving vehicles is just around the corner. Look outvcab drivers and truck drivers.
this is just the beginning. Although this has been going on for decades in the auto business with robots.

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JustSaying America:
There will never be as long as we have a planet
a no need for Human labor or involvement.
Digital Princess:
Heres the thing, if there are no jobs *even white collar jobs are being automated* how will people make money?
They have to export all the jobs to a third world country first. Maybe they like to think of improving opportunities for others?
Justin Thyme:
Free market.
Go get a job

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