Why are greedy stores want money for everthing?

There big corprations an repubclans only intersted in MONEY .
They alredy got money, so why they demand you pay for stuff at the store?
Why cant Obama just make a law so its all free?

Best Answer:

Biff: Let me set up a scenario for you. Lets imagine a law is passed so that money is illegal and everything is free. One of the basic human needs is food, so we send out farmers to grow food (lets use corn for this scenario) for everyone to eat. But the farmer needs tools and equipment to grow the corn. So where does he get the supplies he needs? A nearby handyman says he can build all the tools the farmer needs to grow the food, but the handyman realizes he is going to be working hard to make the farmers tools and should be given some extra food for his work. So the handyman says he will build all of the farmers tools if the farmer gives him two extra bushels of corn a day. The farmer needs the tools to he agrees. The handyman goes to make the farmer's tools, but realizes he needs wood and metal to build them. The handyman's friend says he has a whole building full of wood and metal, but he realizes that he should get some extra food for giving up all of his supply. So tells the handyman he will give him all the wood and metal he needs if the handyman gives him one bushel of corn a day. Do you see the common theme here? Neither the farmer, the handyman, or the handyman's friend exchanged any "money" for their services. But the farmers corn has now become a form of currency and we are back to square one. A society without money/currency just doesn't work. There is ALWAYS something that turns into a currency, no matter how hard to try to avoid it. Even the ancient Mayans exchanged cocoa beans for the trading of goods and services.

Other answer:

If everything was free, everybody would be fighting over everything. Stores want money because who doesn't? Without money, it wouldn't be possible to live. Although you're right, people can get pretty greedy about it. I don't know why people want so much money, you only need enough to live. Ask Donald Trump, he has a lot more money than necessary, and still wants more. Stores do too, so I am stumped.
Steve D:
Here's an idea…buy a bunch of things. Now give all those things away for free. That's basically what you are asking companies to do. Now, take this one step further, buy a bunch of things with all your money, now hire someone to go give those things away and offer to pay him or her $20 after they are done. Since you spent all your money buying the things, how are you going to pay your employee?

And last, assuming you aren't a troll, the President does not have the power to order people around like that.

Linda R:
This is called 'Capitalism'. Try to put your feet in a store's owner shoes for a minute; you have tons of inventory and want to sell it all………..in order to keep your business running…..do you charge money for EVERY item or give it all away for nothing?
Uh, that's how they "already get money", by selling things. Obama doesn't make a law like thaqt for two reasons – 1. He's not stupid, and 2. a president can't make laws
Don't know why you are blaming Republicans. Democrats are just as greedy. I'd rather someone only be interested in money than only in power.
It's possible you've been in stores and have noticed that they have EMPLOYEES. Those employees need to be paid – otherwise why bother working? No chargy for items; no payey employees. For one thing. No point going into details.
grow up, there is nothing free in this world, well, except one thing and you probably are not interested in that(the salvation from hell that God gave you in the sacrifice made be Jesus)
Obama does NOT have the power(nor anyone else) to tell the world you don't have to pay for anything, eventually no one would be living, there would be no food to eat that someone raised and had to be paid for it
Dan B:
Are you serious? I want your car, so can I have it without compensating you for it? I need you to work for me, but since everything is free, I don't have to pay you. So if everything is free, who's going to work to produce the things you want?
If everything was free, companies wouldn't have money. You must be a millennial.

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