Why are most business people only want to make profit?

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AlCapone: That's the very essence of a business — to make a profit and be successful enough to stay in business, continue to employ people in the community, pay taxes into the local and national economy, and produce needed products or services. It's all good, unless the people who run the company become greedy and attempt to make excessive profits.

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The entire goal of a business is to make a profit to continue in business. In some businesses (such a corporation), the directors can be sued by the shareholders (owners) if they make decisions that reduce the corporate profits for no good reason. They have a legal obligation to use their best "business judgment" to maximize profit.
For instance, if your company makes a generic drug that is way underpriced, the company has a legal obligation to the shareholders to RAISE the price, so there is more income and perhaps more profit.
Roger O:
The business of making a profit is business.
We are not within business for our health. You are a business… Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Why do you wake up everyday and sell your labor? Is it for a profit to pay your bills or not?

Enjoy your day…

because that is what businesses are there to do. who would open a company and not expect to make a profit from doing so? no one.
IF you don't make a profit then you don't have a business, simple as that
That is why you do it and you need to be profitable for it to survive. It's their job and they need it just like anyone needs a job.
Losing money doesn't allow you to stay in business for long. Do you hand over all your money to people saying "that's okay, i don't need this"?
Dion J:
Because taking losses isn't as much fun.

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