Why are so many stores closing? Lots will lose their jobs?

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Brian Mcilwee: Because 'The Singularity'

More people order things on line and that means less need for stores. the store opened because there were so many people in that area shopping. If people are staying home and buying on line because of bad weather, or just because they can binge on a series while they spend money and have the item delivered free in three days…why bother to get dressed and waste gas driving? So suddenly the store has no customers. So they close the store and they make the website better.

GM and Lyft are working to develop self driving cars…so, soon…instead of a LYFT driver coming…you will just get the car. How long before Uber and the taxi companies do this? Then the busses and trash trucks…. pretty soon transportation will be automated and those jobs will be gone.

Every single job out there is going to be adapted so a computer can do it and there are going to be very few jobs for people.

That is 'The Singularity'

You can find out more about it by just serching

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Brian Mcilwee:
Are you not aware the Federal Reserve crashed the world-economy, on purpose?

There are 7 people looking for a job, for every one job opening. Unemployment is 20%+

What you have to understand is the Federal Reserve (that controls printing of our money)
is a mafia of Trillionaires. They think they are entitled to more power than kings and presidents.

Historically, they have tried to take down a country or two every 15 years, but this time they
are going for all countries at once.

For a full list of Trillionaires who own the United States, go to: http://www.globalelite.org/globalists/

For a brief outline of how Trillionaires took over, watch the
documentary: "All wars are bankers wars" by Mike Rivero

They're not at any rate that is unusual. In my area, the number of stores is expanding, though a few chain stores are losing steam. Most of the time, it is due to a failure to adapt to changing markets or simple bad management.
Not in my area. New jobs and stores opening here in Alaska.
Perhaps, because Pres. Barack Obama and his policies, DON'T WORK outside of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan cities!
Economic evolution of death offers the best proof of Darwinism.
The exceptionally stupid found dead earned their Darwin Award.
Lack of business mostly & some that are poorly managed.

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