Why are Y/A so liberal, Is it the handouts, the welfare, the free tuition which keeps these low info/low iq drones gulping down kool aid?

Other answer:

Not A Single Time:
David Brock, billionaire, owns Super PAC Correct the Record, which hires Internet trolls to be shills for Hillary. Hired liberals trolls have multiple accounts on YA. And they use those multiple account to identify and attack those supporting Trump.

The YA moderators are biased for Hillary. It used to be really bad. Within a seconds a question about Hillary would be taken down but ask the same question about Trump and it did not matter how many times it was reported as abuse, it never got taken down. The moderators seemed to have an overt hatred of conservatives.

Now the mods are more even handed but there is still a pro Hillary bias.

The CEO of Yahoo! is a radical liberal. She has put millions into the Clinton campaign. So abusing her power to elect Clinton is part of the game.

However, this is creating a new paradigm. Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and Twitter will pay for their abuses. Conservatives are fighting back. They will create new companies to compete with those who imagine themselves to be gatekeepers to the paths to power.

Conservatism and populism are on the rise. Liberalism and liberal hate are in decline. The people do not want what the liberal elites are trying to shove down our throats.

And we will build our own paths to power. Yahoo! is not going to stop us. And if they continue their foolish war, those at Yahoo! will see their company disappear into the dustbin of history.

Never vote for Hillary.

you watch when the elections are done, YA is going to a different place as the YA Hillary trolls will no longer be paid 9 dollars an hour.
Shirazz the Deplorable:
liberalism and homosexuality are diseases

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