Why can't i chose to be 'wild'?

I don't like working every day, yet still having almost no money to support myself. Is there any way for me to just be 'free' and live in the wild, create my own shelter, find my own food ect?

Other answer:

Its called being HOMELESS!
believe it or not this has been done and probably still is
there was a thing on Yahoo the other day about a cabin in the woods that someone found, showed pictures inside and out and surroundings, was well hidden, was very difficult to find, it had canned goods, an old typewriter and normal things for living
after the discovery and was revisited, it was completely and very neatly demolished, everything was gone and no signs of how in the world they hauled it all out
of course it was an illegal dwelling and was going to have to be demolished but someone lived there and maintained it, so the did live as you say, free but not for long
if you want to eat you will work
Elaine M:
Illegal. Also a health and sanitation issue.
nope. This is called growing up.
Like where? You have to "own" land to live like that. And, you cannot own land when you have no money to buy the land. You cannot trespass on private land or government – state or federal land so, the answer is no. You might get away with it for a short time but, not for very long.
Well, you could, but do you really think you'd be happier living that life in the long run? You'd really have to learn some survival skills and do without modern conveniences like hot showers and internet. Maybe start by taking extended camping trips and see how you can manage to gather your own resources and food. I think plenty of people have dreamed of doing it, myself included.

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