Why did Chipotle join an on demand meal delivery system, but not McDonalds when they're owned by the same company?

Best Answer:

Logan: McDonalds has not owned Chipotle for awhile now.

Other answer:

Different customer demographics.

Chipotle appeals to more affluent customers and yuppie types who appreciate food delivered to their homes… McDonald's customers tend to be working or middle class folks who are more likely to simply drop in for a quick meal.

Next thing you know, it's gonna be fast-food workers having keys to their regular customers' homes. Because the fatass sitting there waiting on his or her next engorgement can't even get up to answer the door lol.
Because McDonald's sucks
Pork-chop of Doom:
As Logan points out, you may want to start watching/reading the News more than once every five or ten years, Sweetie…

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