Why do I have to work weekends?

I work at ASDA and as part of their stupid policy everyone has to work one weekend day or both. It's stupid because I've missed several family events because of this dumb policy.

Best Answer:

Rob: u are legally able to get new employment?
millions of people miss 'family' events due to work schedules.
u agreed to employment

Other answer:

I do shop security and I'm NEVER off on weekends unless I'm on holiday, I see all the shop cashiers, etc, clamouring to get weekends off but they all have to do their bit and take it in turns. Suck it up or do something else because they are even going to relax Sunday trading laws so there will be more hours they can open on that day too.
Super Saz:
That's life get over it or get a new job Plenty of other folk willing to work weekends
try working at a retail store. most retail stores are accommodating to requesting time off if given a couple weeks notice. but, with the holiday season coming up, they maybe restricting that as well to all associates for extra help.
You (and the other people) work weekends because THAT'S WHEN THEY HAVE THE MOST CUSTOMERS.
Last time I checked you are free to pursue alternate employment options elsewhere.

Who's the dumb one, exactly?

Get another job then?

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