Why do people immediately start thinking about where would they be spending money, which they have not yet even received?

I need something deep not judgmental, thank you very much.

Other answer:

mountain lion:
Need. I need enough money to cover the costs of a move to a less expensive apartment. I need a new sofa (springs have sprung) and all too soon I will need a new car – mine is a 1999. And who knows what is next. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to sock unexpected, or expected, extra income away for a later date.

I need money to help me move to a less expensive apartment because I can no longer afford the one I'm in. I have an application in with management for a transfer as soon as one becomes available. I have had no increase in my income for two years. I can't work. Yet my expenses have increased considerably; rent alone has gone up $100 in the past 3 years. Consequently I am not able to save money every month and some months I have had to charge expenses, e.g. getting a tooth recapped and work done on my car. I am giving up on eating out with family and friends so that I can save money for the move.

So if I knew I would be receiving some extra money I know exactly what I need to do with it.

My name is not bruce:
It depends what you mean. The need to pay bills or achieve some item may be the reason one find a new higher paying job.
General budgeting.
Goal setting.
Buying stuff is sort of the reason to even work. If you didn't' have to buy anything, you wouldn't need to work.
It's just human nature, if something is within sight even if not within reach yet, it becomes something that you have to have.
everyone has dreams and winning big pots and what to do with it is just part of being human

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