Why do republicans want people with pre existing health conditions to be denied healthcare or to chose between death or bankruptcy ?

Because by eliminating Obamacare and replacing it with the screwed up republican alternative whatever it is( I don't care what the republican alternative is- I've made my mind up its wrong and has to be designed to screw over poor and middle class America and help the rich and the insuan e industry)


Because by eliminating Obamacare and replacing it with the screwed up republican alternative whatever it is( I don't care what the republican alternative is- I've made my mind up its wrong and has to be designed to screw over poor and middle class America and help the rich and the insuan e industry)

How can republicans be so cruel and heartless immoral and unethical to think it's fair for insuranc scum bags to deny sick people coverage? Gues hey should just die off right ? Put them all the uninsured sick in camps and exterminate them? Just like the republican idols the NAZIS

Whatever the republican alternative to Obama care is I'm sure it's idiotic based of disproven trickle down economics which is proven to only help the rich and based on idiotic tax cuts that don't help anyone when medical costs are so high and useless Hsa accounts

The best thing Obama did was prevent those monsters in the insurances from denying sick people coverage. Republicans clearly have o compassion morality or ethics of they belive letting poor people die because they can't pay asisnine costs or get insurance is perfectly ok.

High risk pools don't do crap for people with pre existing conditions.

Why do republicans have no problem with having Americans go into perpetual bankruptcy or debt just to stay alive so he greedy billionaires can stay rich?

Best Answer:

John: This is how the Republicans have always been. They screamed and cried clear back in 1965 over medicare starting. They've been pitching a fit ever since, and every chance they get they want to destroy the greatest single payer program the US has. It makes them feel powerful to watch people suffer & not be able to get medical care. This is why I will never ever vote for any idiot with an R by their name. They are heartless, cruel and very, very STUPID.

Other answer:

Obamacare makes healthcare far less affordable for the masses than any other legislation in history.

Health care cannot be legally denied to anyone by by ANY hospital. Health insurers could deny coverage. And right now all major health insurers are opting out of Obamacare — the legislation makes running an insurance business untenable.

If the government had taken the 8 million people with pre-existing conditions and put them on the medicare / medicaid plans it would have gotten their coverage and saved the country trillions and the average American taxpayer (Family of 4) $6000 in the last 3 years.

You missed the point of a bunch of lawyers putting up medical legislation — it was all about getting control of the voters' heath care options. If you can control a person's medical care you control their vote.

Note: The first reference to trickle-down economics came from American comedian and commentator Will Rogers, who used it to derisively describe President Herbert Hoover's stimulus efforts during the Great Depression. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH REMOVING RIDICULOUS LEGISLATION preventing health care companies from selling plans across state lines.

But don't let the facts get in the way….keep hatin'.

Insurance Pickle.com:
Unfortunately, if you think the reason republicans don't like Obamacare is because they're cruel, then you're simply uneducated.

Look at Detroit, Greece and Puerto Rico. This is what happens when you spend money that doesn't exist. Sure, lots of things sound good. But, then reality sets in. Bankrupting cities, states, and entire countries is not a solution to bringing happiness and healthfulness to populations of people.

A Hunch:
No. Republicans don't want people to be denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

"We" want you to be responsible and never be without insurance.
– when you move off of your parents plan to your own plan, then any condition you have will be covered
– when you move from one plan to the next, any condition you have will be covered.

– get insurance on Monday, have a kidney transplant on Friday = the system can't sustain itself.

So instead, we want you to take care of your own responsibilities and always have insurance. That way there is never a "pre-existing" condition.

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the gov't is not responsible for your health, if you chose not to be covered with health care and developed a disease that required treatment which might have been avoided with good health care previous, it is not the responsibility for an insurance company to now pay for what you should have prepared yourself
you don't wait until you die to get life insurance, you don't wait until you are sick to have proper health care
Average College Idiot:
Because you don't choose between death or bankruptcy. You get sick, they treat you, they send you a bill, and you can set up payments. Why do you think you should be able to enslave healthcare professionals at will?
Beverly S:
Trump has said the replacement will not allow people to be denied due to pre-existing conditions. But obviously you are so liberal that you don't want to hear the facts.
I don't believe that those with pre existing conditions should ever be denied insurance.

But we cannot afford to pay for it for them.

Who the heck can afford Obamacare??? Nobody, it needs to go.

myrrdin 810:
the republican party is overwhelmingly comprised of fundamentalist Christians. they base their economic views on the teachings of Jesus.

the Gospels CLEARLY teach that poverty is God's Just Punishment for SIN, therefor to help those humans who liberals call "the less fortunate" is acting in opposition to God's Will.

God blesses the Righteous with wealth and punishes the Sinners with poverty. to assist the poor is the same as spitting in God's Face to republicans.

taxing the wealthy is likewise considered by republicans to be spitting in God's Face. the Almighty WANTS those people to keep every penny He has bestowed upon them.

now you have the entire foundation of conservative philosophy in a nutshell.