Why do UK Amazon sellers almist always ship with no tracking numbers?

I buy products on Amazon but almost all UK seller always ship the items with no tracking numbers at all. I don't know how good their domestic mail system is but when they ship them to the US, they get lost all the time when they are transferred to the USPS and I've lost items all the time

Other answer:

Possibly because it is not commonly done here, at least under that name.

I have little knowledge of Amazon but occasionally sell things through E-bay. So far I have not had a customer in the USA. I usually offer ordinary post, or if the seller wants it and pays the extra fee I will send either registered or special delivery. Registered means that there is a certificate of posting, a signature is obtained on delivery and compensation will be paid if the item is lost in the post, while special delivery does the same plus guarantees delivery by a set date and time. Is having a tracking number similar to that?

However buyers usually only want this service for high-value items, as it is very rare for anything to go missing in the ordinary post here.

The Bricklayer:

If you have not received the goods,then you should not pay for them.
the onus is on the seller to prove the goods have been delivered,so if there is no tracking,then they cannot prove where the goods are.
I have had a few purchases through amazon,that have not arrived,amazon have always backed me and refunded the money

Tracking is an extra cost, and they want to keep postage low (and maximise their profits)

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