Why does Obama hate white people?

Other answer:

Well I know for sure Michelle is. Just a Racist towards anyone whose not Black. Weird to me. But yes, I think OBAMA does have grievances towards whites. Probably stemming from his mother. But I think its more how he hates what America stands for.
He's Muslim. Anything is justified in the name of advancing Islam. It is one of their laws that they live by. Enough said.
Because he's angry at anyone who has darker skin than his
Because he isn't white and very jealous
I wasn't aware that he was
He doesn't. Yawn and next…
The First Dragon:
He doesn't really. But he's really hostile to capitalism.
He doesn't. He might come across that way though.
Liberals sequester from fact:
He despised his mothers race. At least thats what he said in his book.

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