Why don't conservatives understand that a company has the right to hire whoever they want?

Companies are not obligated to hire whites only, If they want to hire Indians(asia) then they have every right to do so. You are not entitled to a job just because you are white. If you get replaced by someone from India then tough luck.

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The Oracle of Omigod:
Not actually. A company does not have the right to hire someone on the basis of culture, skin color, religion, gender, gender orientation or age. If they are hiring Indians on that basis (in America) they are violating the law unless there is an economic reason for doing so (a significant part of their customers are calling from India).
I Am Onizuka!!!:
Does that also go the other way? Such racist hiring policies. Does that also apply to homosexuals? If a company doesn't want to hire homosexuals should they be allowed to discriminate against them? This question is ridiculous and you deductive reasoning skills aren't very sharp.
Actually, that's not exactly accurate. Affirmative action is still in place. So, lets say you need 5 people for your new Business? 20 Applications go out, You hire who you want for 4 positions, and then you HAVE to hire one black person. Even if he is not qualified, and the guy next to him is. And btw this does not work in their favor. It just makes them look like Charity cases.
microsoft lover:
That's not the point. The point is that millions of qualified STEM degree holders exist in US (all races) but they are unemployed and underemployed. H1B workers take those jobs for lower pay. India has largest H1B.

I'm glad trump promised to end H1B. As long as qualified citizens are not getting jobs, no reason for h1b

My name is not bruce:
Indeed, competition is essential for capitalism which includes the labor force. Higher competition forces people to increase their skillset and the result is better quality employees. Affirmative action only applies to the federal government or contractors. Conservatives think the government is too big, so they wouldn't be applying to government jobs to begin with.
Don't know why you're addressing this question to conservatives. In case you haven't noticed, it's the libturds who regard anti-discrimination as holy writ.
why don't you understand that companies can hire anyone they want to hire?
See folks, this is what we get for letting the moonbats teach their children that everyone deserves a trophey.
Hmm! I'd like that list of companies – mainly because I'm very sensitive and would feel ostricised
Government Spending:
Oh, conservatives are fine with companies hiring who they wish. They just also recognize that hiring people by race and not by qualifications will merely harm businesses in the long-run.
don't know why you're addressing this question to conservatives… in case you haven't noticed, it's the libturds who regard anti-discrimination as holy writ…

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