Why don't people understand that Trump will do whats best for america and stop black leeches from sucking money from the country?

Other answer:

Chi girl:
Donald Trump is a megalomanic clinical narcissist with no filter. If he wins he'll start WW III.
Because it doesn't sound like he can do that, he doesn't have a plan to do that and america doesn't want him to do that and he is not now or ever going to be in a position to do that.
He will do whatever he wants. And that's the problem.
Because thou hast to pull thy head out from between thy buttocks so we can understandeth what thou art saying.

Alternatively, thou mayest pusheth thy self in further…until thy head dost reappear from thy throat, and then thou mayest even speaketh softly yet still maintain our attention

Because we're smarter than those who believe that nonsense.

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