Why don't people want to pay for creative work?

Other answer:

it might be that the 'creative' work is not something they want
there are many artisans who make what they deem as their best work but in the eyes of those who are buying it isn't worth anything at all, to them
Elaine M:
Money involved.
They do. That is how everything useful in the world gets created. Cars. Computers. Cotton gin. Software programs. iPhone. If someone wasn't creative enough to come up with these concepts and creative enough to figure out how to make them happen we wouldn't have any of those things.

The real trick is being creative and coming up with something people actually like and then figuring out how to market it to them.

MAGA 2016:
Likely because your idea of the value of the "creative work" doesn't match the idea of the value that the other person has.

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