Why don't you ever see UPS drivers that are around 18 – 30 years old? (why they all look like they are in their 40s at least?)?

well, what jobs do people in their early 20s, – 30 get? why?

Best Answer:

Elaine M: They're all ages here.

Remember that insurance coverage for anyone UNDER age 25 and male is super high. UPS may not want to handle the insurance coverage on that age bracket and would hire less of them.

Other answer:

Elaine M:
Because they were born at least 40 years again. Duhh
Ryan M:
Because you have to work there for many YEARS before you can become a driver. UPS is not dumb enough to let 18 year old kids with no experience drive their trucks around. You start as a package handler in their hub for a few years. If they like you, then you become a delivery assistant. Then after a few more years, THEN you get to be trained on a driver.
Casey Y:
UPS has very high standards and usually wants to see experience…which takes time.
Chez Lunati:
Because that was the only job they could get-they prob went to some jr college
People in their 40s need jobs too.