Why google ranks a site even though the site have not yet done SEO?

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If a site exists online then Google can index it. Remember that SEO stands for "search engine OPTIMIZATION" . If you look up the word optimize in the dictionary it says "rearrange or rewrite (data, software, etc.) to improve efficiency of retrieval or processing." So "optimizing" a site IMPROVES it. It doesn't mean it's NECESSARY for Google to find or index it. I have had sites I made show up in Google searches and had inquiries through organic searches when I only had 2 pages online and those sites weren't submitted to Google nor did they have XML Sitemaps. If Google indexes them and someone searches a certain "keyword string" that's an exact match to something a "new" site has than it can rank high in SERPs. A site that's properly built from the start (in most niches) should not need much of a concentrated SEO effort anyway.
The only reason should be "Content". If the website contains good content, then google can rank them without SEO. The on page SEO factors like meta tags, header tags, Anchor texts, Internal linking structure also affect the ranking of a website. So website must contain all these things perfectly or with better contents.
Content can be a reason behind Google rankings site.

If your website content is worthy and share able than yes your site deserves a better ranks.

If you also would like to rank your videos, you can use the Tube Smart Ranker. I am running an seo agency and i am personally using tsr.
Oliver Manseki:
Maybe because it's up to date or contain on real time news.
Mark Poston:
Maybe because it's up to date or contain on real time news.
Because content is king,so the high quality content is very good for google!
Maybe because it's up to date or contain on real time news.

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