Why hasn't Hillary Clinton's security clearance been revoked?

When I worked for Department of Defense contractors, my security clearance would have been revoked if I was "extremely careless" about handling classified material. WHY HASN'T HILLARY'S?

Best Answer:

Michael: We both know the answer to this. You aren't a member of the elite, the wealthy and well-connected. She is. When you have enough friends in high places highly invested in your continued success and survival, you can kill someone (*cough* Ted Kennedy *cough*) and get away with it.

Other answer:

Because everyone knows, you mess with Hillary, you are going to be stabbed in the back sooner or later
As far as I know, she is a private citizen right now…her clearance should have already been downgraded.
The State Department is looking into doing just that at the request of Congress.
Politics. Plain and simple. Senior politicians mishandle classified information all the time and get away with what "normal people" get crucified for.
Because she will be president

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