Why have products gotten so expensive?

I live in Miami, Florida and I used to be able to get a bag of peanuts for $1.50. Now it's $4! Why are the prices for EVERYTHING raising so drastically?. Is it political?

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Christopher David: 1. Based on demand shortage. 2. National Currency value. 3. Product Less Production.

Other answer:

Christopher David:
Obama's "free" Trillion dollar "stimulus plan in 2008-9. Groceries are now 100 plus more! also, true value of non-food items/ all goods priced closer than ever than to the actual value of all other goods.
and what is your rate of pay now when you pay $4 for peanuts compared to what it was when you paid $1.50, that should tell you the whole reason
I starting working in the 60's at $1.30/hr and there was no minimum wage but today the national minimum is $7.25, some states are already $15, so it stands to flat out reason that peanuts will cost $2.50 more
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Barry A:
Because all the costs involved have gotten so expensive.
Casey Y:
It is not political, its supply and demand.
Elaine M:
Shipping costs. Produce costs during drought years vary. Processing and packaging costs involved. Etc.

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