Why is Amazon's 2-day prime shipping now taking 3 days. And their 1 day shipping now takes 2 days? What's up?

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All good answers, also to point out that there is a cut-off time, depending on where is the shipment originating from, and which time zone you are ordering from.
Like if you place your order pass 2:00 pm, then it will be processed next day, then you start counting the days.
Pat Wooden:
You don't say where you live, but it's possible that winter storms have prevented them from servicing certain areas as quickly as usual. Have you tracked your packages on their website? That might give you an idea of where the holdup is.
Sometime Amazon just fails to live up to the promise. Other times, their "processing" PRIOR to shipment bogs down. Their service has definitely deteriorated over the past several years.
Ziff Spiffington:
are you counting weekends? maybe UPS/USPS isn't doing Sundays or weekends anymore like they did during Xmas season

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