Why is it always hard to understand what a customer service representative Is saying.?

I'm not being racist Why when I always call my credit card,bank,car finance company or any other company it's always a customers representative that can hardly speak English and you can't understand what they're saying.

Other answer:

It's because the company you're calling for customer service outsources to other countries to save money on labor costs. If they outsource to India, they would be paying a fraction of what American employees would be paid. I refuse to deal with that. It takes American jobs away.
Pork-chop of Doom:
Because you (apparently) grew up in an isolated environment where you never really had to learn to listen?

If you would like someone to BLAME for the fact that most US corporations have outsourced their phone support to India or the Philippines, look no further than the Bush Dynasty, who created the "lowest cost is best" mentality so prevalent among conservatives today….

It isn't "always" that way. I frequently have clear and productive conversations with representatives at my credit-card company, insurance, vehicle mechanics, and others. I sometimes ask where they are located and get answers like, "Omaha" or "New Jersey" or "Boston" — not exactly "overseas" from where I currently live.

Maybe you just deal with companies that don't care enough about your business to spend a few extra bucks to make "service" more enjoyable.

DR + Mrs Bears face:
Because the company wants the least costs for his business. He doesn't care whether the customers actually get good service.
Love big words:
Day our in Philippine or In dya. This is what happens when your government makes it too difficult to have a call center in the USA.
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Because we cannot understand their accents, which is why most UK companies have transferred their call centres back to the UK.
Most likely, the call center is in India.
Because talk in their lingo. Nonsense.

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