Why is it "bad" for PP CEO to be paid $500k per year and get federal reimbursement funds for her NON-PROFIT, but NOT "bad" for…?

Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson to receive compensation valued at $33 million last year, while his FOR PROFIT company gets billions annually?

Other answer:

Exxon does not receive any subsidies from the federal government. Neither do I. Both Exxon and I pay taxes INTO the federal government, something Planned Parenthood has never done.
Show us how Exxon is getting billions in taxpayer funds

You sound like you have a loose screw

Full Circle 33:
Why is obammie getting free room and board for doing nothing but antagonizing the world along with his two nigglets and old lady
Because making that kind of salary running a non-profit gives the impression that you may be more about exploiting than helping…
Exxon isn't dismembering fetuses last time I checked
Godless Gazoo:
I'll trade….let's get rid of both.

I mean I'd take either or….but both seems like such a good idea.

Oh you are confusing, stupid with reality.
You see no one that is connected with reality based facts cares.
There you go again, using facts. You libs stoop pretty low, LOL!

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