Why is it racist to speak the truth?

It is a fact that Jews are grossly overrepresented in banking, finance, etc. Not an anti Semitic conspiracy theory.

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Otto: Listen, if ethnic PC trolls can find a game of pool racist, they sure as hell will find it racist just for mentioning the word Jew.

Other answer:

If an actual racist called you racist for calling him a racist, you would have a question.

But, when you, the questioner, say that all Jews steal everyone's money in the banking and financial systems, you DID make a racist statement. Meaning, my first sentence applies to you.

So? The Scots are over representative in the tree trimming business. Italians in the style business. Indians own a lot of hotels and motels and all of those Stop and Robs. Black guys and Latinos are over representative in the dope business. Besides, Jews are all over the medical business, the law business, science the accounting business, and the dentistry business. Maybe spending a lot of time and energy getting a good education could account for certain people moving into the higher paying positions. Of course there are many Jews in the bagel business and who do you think owns all those Jewish delis?
have you not heard of that great quote that is doing the rounds ?

"Are you losing the debate? Shout racist, and you silence the opposition. Which ends the argument, allowing you to claim victory!"

But to answer your question, Jews are 'big' in money lending etc, because historically they have been forbidden to enter into other professions and back in the middle ages in the UK, devout Christians thought it unchristian to lend money… so allowed the jews to do so… hence the tradition of them being involved in finance

Lots truth in that for sure !

Your "fact" is in fact total and utter rubbish.

It is not racist to speak the truth, off course it isn't. It is however idiotic bigotry to just spout total rubbish about a religion or race based on nothing but your own moronic views.

Because you're making a mistake by using sloppy-terminology.

Jews aren't 'over-represented' because most weren't hired into businesses(you can do demographics on hiring-policy), they mostly started their own companies, and made them successful. That literally means they earned their position.

So there are a lot of Jews in Banking, and Finance, because they are very successful in the business, they're also very independent, it's earned, not given.

It depends on time everyone spent on their studies and where your parents are working. Of course, when you`re growing up and father is working in a bank and mother is a lawyer you will definitely try to learn a disciple you are similar to. It`s all about your growing-up factor. Also, every nation has different approach to their childern further profession. It may be chosen in a childhood by your parents.
Since Jews are people of differing ethnic backgrounds who practice Judaism, the statement you made cannot be racist.
Sir Prince Kenny:
I wouldn't go as far as to say "grossly overrepresented". They do what they have done well for hundreds of years. If ANY country or race is overrepresented in world trade, it's the British. Should we stop? No of course not, it's what we do best.
The over-representation in some sectors demanding concentration and strict work ethics may be because Jewish families encourage hard work in school, sticking together with the family, and keeping sober.

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