Why is Kmart-Sears struggling so badly?

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I bought a food processor on sale from Sears. It mostly works well. But it has two glaring problems, that show incompetence by the people who designed it. One problem is that when you turn the container to remove it from the base/motor the base/motor turns with it, and there is no way to hold it still, because it has a smooth exterior with no handle or anything to hold it by. So you have to use a sudden turning force to remove the container by taking advantage of the inertia of the base. And that's tricky, and doesn't always work. The other problem is that there does not seem to be any way to remove the handles to clean them out. They're partly clear plastic, so you can see when they need cleaning out, but you can't clean them out.

I think Sears and Kmart would do fine if they had competent management. But how are they going to get competent management? The present management is probably unwilling to see its own incompetence.

I remember fondly the distant past when the Sears catalog was the main place to look for almost anything you might want to buy. A long time before the internet. Maybe Sears became obsolete when that catalog became obsolete.

'cause of amazon ans other internet servers
they sell cheaper prodycts ans vustomers who do not like dhopping in stores to get it order from those internet companies…
'cause their stores are trashy
Wal Mart. Sears and KMart can't compete
Liberals are Hypocrites:
Competition. There are simply better alternatives like Wal-Mart, Amazon. There us also eBay but they have lost their way, are trying unsuccessfully to compete with Amazon… and failing badly, especially how heavy handed they are with sellers and control of cash flow via PayPal, which they own. Wouldn't be buying eBay stock just now.
They're so expensive. Walmart and other stores are making them struggle because they have lower prices.
Blame Trump
Two companies destined to fail joining together didn't really help their fortunes
They can't compete with online retailers! Even WAL-MART is having difficulties these days!

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