Why is my tax refund taking so long?

I filed on 01/23/2017
No I do not have any EIC
I am not claiming anyone
The reason I ask is bc I've always filed with turbo tax, it always took them about two weeks or less to get me my refund but this time it is taking so long. what could be going on?

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amy lynn:
Turbo Tax has NO CONTROL over how fast you get your refund.

It is the IRS who issues and sends the money, not Turbo Tax.

It is impossible to determine why your refund has been delayed. Did you have anything new or different this year, such as a new job or new address. Things like that can sometimes delay things. Also, the IRS will occasionally and randomly select people to audit and hold up those returns while they do it. If nothing is found, the refund will be sent when the audit is done.

Because younever filed
Andy L:
Processing of tax returns did not start until January 23rd and all returns submitted up to that date are grouped together in a backlog.
i filed that day as well, with two W2s, and only just got a direct deposit last night.
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