Why is our UK EU membership fee so high, £12,000,000,000 pa NET after rebate and would this money be better spent on the NHS?

= £18,000,000,000 pa Gross less refund. and this excludes the cost of the new
comical but dangerous planned EU Army. Also the Brussels superparliament
offices and EU politicians fees add further to this drain on UK finances.

Other answer:

London Man:
The UK is the most careful and efficient country on the planet , watch BBC Parliament where every £ is debated.( but not every Euro in the EU)
The biggest lie by any government is that the money saved by Brexit will be spent on the NHS
Enough Trolls:
This is a simple lie. The European Rapid Reaction Force is a joint preparation for the coming war.
Brexit will not be good for us.
Theresa May should tell them to fight us for it as that is alot of money to be paying a bunch of c*nts
차가운 커피:
So you think we should take it from one wasteful bureaucratic organisation and give it to another.
Face it chum, You've been conned!!

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