Why is the news scaring us about Brexit when stocks are doing amazing?

Has anyone considered the possibility that Brexit does happen, Britain exits the EU,

But investors shrug it off due to a rise in crude oil? And S&P500 breaks record highs to 2700?

Best Answer:

Eric: It's all speculative crap – classic financial news. Don't trust the news, trust the numbers. There will be people who bet on the whole Brexit fiasco. Some will win and many will lose. At this point, I consider it the same as making investment decisions based on fedspeak. It's not investing. It's high risk trading.

Other answer:

The media is a proven fraud in many ways. In this case the liberal one world government run media doesn't want an independent successful UK so the media is running the scare card to get stupid voters to be dragged down by Brussels socialistic plans for the entire world.
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The stock market is artificially inflated due to very bad money manipulation by Obama's hand picked fed *****.
trust the numbers indeed … for instance houses prices, check those out and see for yourself exactly what is happening right now july 2016

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