Why Is The US States Own By Jews +Only Land Bought Under 99 Year Lease.?

Land Is Only Leased +Jews Never Surender The Land. America Is Parcelled Up And Put In Trusts.

Other answer:

Who is supplying you with all the ridiculous information.
Joseph hola:
Don't trust youtube for everything, and no the US isn't owned by Jews. Wal-Street is full of Jews, so they do influence us to an extent.
Ronald 7:
Hi Gorse.
They were smart Cookies.
That probably has stuck in many people's craw.
Jealousy can be a terrible thing
While you will find land leases for commercial property the only state that has land leases for residential is Hawaii.
SSP Bowl Dude:
99 year leases are in the UK, not the U.S.
When you buy land you normally require a title insurgence policy so that your title to the property is insured to be free and clear other than a lien for any mortgage you choose to borrow.
I am helping a family right now sell a property that has been in their family for 100 years. In some places like Hawaii people do a long term lease on land but when you buy land- you buy land.
Sorry child, u don't have a clue about Reality of property ownership laws regulations rules in USA.
TRY reading some REAL world website NOT alternative reality ones
You are, obviously, wrong. you need to stay away from the alt-right websites.

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