Why the hell is every middle eastern worker you come across working the register at gas stations in America always on their God Damn phone?

I am so sick of this. They are Always on their earpiece talking to someone every Damn one of them and it's so ******* rude! They come over here take our jobs and can't even have God Damn courtesy!

Other answer:

They may well be thinking, "Why is every self-important white cracker customer frowning at me and expecting to be treated like frikken royalty? Then the first thing out of his stupid mouth is an insult to my heritage?"
obviously they have more to talk about than you do
they are disrespectful of you the customer but also the employer whose time they are using for their own purposes, actually that is stealing
but then that is not uncommon with other ethnic groups
Cos they get free sim cards to call home and don't want to waste them.
most pimp their wives N daughters out 4 extra money 2 put food on table…pls hav heart.
at least they ain't General Custer giving you what for could be worse
Elaine M:
And how are YOU treating them?

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