Will a bank buy paid off property?

I own a home needs repairs but I'm over it and want to sell with out a realtor can it be done property zone commercial and residential

Other answer:

banks are not in the real estate business, the only reason they have an inventory of properties is because they hold the mortgages on them
if you want to sell without a realtor, put a sign on the property, advertise for sale by owner, but when someone makes a bid get an escrow to handle all the legal matters
dog ma:
Why would a bank buy property, unless they want to use it for a physical location? You really should get some professional assistance.
Katherine W:
The bank doesn't buy it, but other people will. You should at least meet with some realtors and see what kind of price they think you can get for it, so you don't overprice it or underprice it. You can do a sale by owner, but why would you? Let someone else do the work.
Banks are not in business to own properties. Not hiring a realtor will give you
more trouble than you can imagine.
Pascal the Gambler:
Banks don't buy property.
No. Banks are not in the business of buying homes.
No, banks loan money, they are not property developers
Augustus Octavian:

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