Will I be able to co-sign?

I wanna co-sign for my brother for a car cuz no one's accepting him since he hasn't worked at his job for over 90 days. But I literally just refinanced my car 3-4 months ago so will I still be able to co-sign?

Other answer:

If you can afford to buy your brother a car then just buy him a car. But since you are still making payments on your own car, I'm going to guess you can't afford to be buying cars for other people right now.

If you can't afford to buy your brother a car then don't co-sign for him. Because co-signing means you are agreeing to pay for a car that is in his name. If he stops making payments the bank will sue YOU and ruin YOUR credit, but the car will still be in his name which means you'll have no right to take the car or force him to sell it to prevent repossession. So basically if you co-sign, you're buying him a car.

Common Sense:
Regardless of your own re-financing for your car, the lenders who will be reviewing your financial records as a co-signer, are interested in your income to debt ratio. This will determine that if your brother stops his loan payments, you will have the ability to pay; as his co-signer (which means you agree to pay if your brother does not…as if you took the loan out yourself).

So, yes, you will be able to co-sign if your income to debt ratio shows that you will have the money to pay, based upon our current income compared to your monthly debts.

probably not especially if they know you are already into a loan agreement, having just refinanced
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No.You would not be eligible. How could you pay all his car payments if you
just needed to refinance your debt? Your brother has no job,so he doesn't need a car.
Steve D:
Legally you can. Whether a lender will accept you is something only the lender can tell you.
Only if your credit and debt-to-income ratio is good enough