Will I still get a paycheck?

Got hired at the Holiday Inn is it from attendant trained 3 days and worked on my own one full day then realized I couldn't do the job due to my physical abilities I worked about 20 hours will I still get a paycheck?

Other answer:

Go in to their office and talk first to the manager and apologize for your discovery of your capabilities not being strong enough for the job. They might give you something easier. They might want to "work with you."

That is the issue isn't it? That you just can't do the job they gave you? Or is it that you just don't want to work at all? If it is the former, they will probably work with you and get you placed where you can do the job with no problem. If they decide not to place you elsewhere and are open to just letting you go, then ask about the 20 hours that you worked. They will provide a check for your work but you might have to wait a couple weeks or whenever their pay period comes due.

At least you know what work you cannot do and you can mention this to employers while you are still in the interview stage.

Why did it take you four days to figure that out? Anyways, you will get paid for the one day you worked, and most companies pay for training too. Ask your manager.
You should be paid for the hours you worked.
yes, you worked you should get paid for what you did

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