Will it get taken out of there before it's considered past due?

Yesterday my auto insurance and my car payment were supposed to get automally taken out of my bank account and it hasn't gotten taken out of there yet

Best Answer:

Maggie P: Many banks don't process payments on weekends. It will probably process Monday. Did you pay them through the bank or through the insurance and car website? If you paid them through websites, you're fine. If you had them set up on automatic payment through the websites, you're fine. If you used bill pay on the bank's website, you may have a problem.

Other answer:

Maggie P:
if the automatic payments have been set up, when you check your balance and find it hasn't been done yet, don't write checks on what you balance is the automatic payments will hit and you don't want no funds there to pay those payments
Check to be sure its still not done. If necessary call each place and find out how to pay a different way. Its your job to protect your credit rating and not let things get late.
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DR + Mrs Bears face:
Why are you telling us instead of querying this with your bank.
Max Hoopla:
This will not affect your taxes.

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