Will marijuana be a good investment?

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I think so, I'm investing myself into the industry in TX. After what it did in smaller states there's no way I'm missing out on this oil rush. Especially if I can leave with the experience of being part of an emerging market and new business (its a legit start up). I do believe it brings people together, and the discussions/nice talks I've had with people I wouldnt normally be be around has given me a unique perspective and various views, and I have nothing but love for people who share this world with me. I'm finishing school and don't do it much anymore, but I've always said: instead of in the 60's when your friend comes in an pours a whiskey from the liquor cabinet in the corner, the world I wanna live in is where they walk in and go over and grab a blunt 🙂
If you are thinking marijuana related stocks, then no. The scammers thought of the idea long before you did. Please read the SEC warning link below about pot stocks.

If you are thinking about a small business in a state where it is newly legal, that could work.

If you are thinking about buying an ounce to re-sell in smaller amounts, the risk depends on your location.

I think so. Not all marijuana stocks but alot of them. This movement is expected to generate $22 billion by 2020. I want to be part of that.
Bipin Kumar TRPL:
Yes this is good for invest
Your investment may go up in smoke.
Your profits might go up in smoke.
Absolutely, it's an addictive drug.
Howard L:
Not while the federal government considers it illegal.
Love big words:
it could go up in smoke
Estela Anna:
No get a job

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