Will next week, the stock market go down?

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no one for president:
The market, historically, will do a lot of Nothing for the remainder of the year.
For the week between Christmas and New Years, most traders are on vacation. So trading will be light and not much will happen. Do not invest now-there will be little movement in the market.
The market is currently HEAVILY overbought. There's this DJIA 20,000 that's hanging over our heads in anticipation. Sure, it's definitely possible that there' a cooling period coming of some profit taking but it's not an excuse to sell in my opinion. Just buy more shares if you believe the company you're investing in is worthy enough.
Love big words:
Flat until Jan 20
Bipin Kumar TRPL:
For immense and little investors alike, the dangers are wonderful, Therefore the returns can be munificent as well. It is a high hazard outstanding yield diversion toward the end of the day.
Pork-chop of Doom:
Over the next 20 years, the Market will undoubtedly go up….but anyone who claims to know for sure what it will do "next week" is delusional…
ken truong:
will you sell stock now if I say yes, and will you buy stock now if I say no?
Casey Y:
If anyone knew, they would be rich (er).
no it will not